Robert Naumoski

  • Started training Martial Arts in 1987
  • Black Belt in Ninjutsu, Aikido and Pankration
  • Experienced in boxing, kickboxing and wrestling
  • Trained in Floro knife fighting
  • Jiu Jitsu black belt since 2010 from Paulo Guimaraes and Jorge Pereira
  • Over 180 matches competing in Jiu Jitsu tournaments: 4X Pan Pacific champion, 3X Australian champion, 5X NSW State champion
  • Competed in MMA and won Ultimate Ring Pankration Tournament
  • Trained Australia’s first Pro Abu Dhabi World Jiu Jitsu champions in both Gi and No Gi
  • Trained Australia’s first World Kid’s Champions
  • Founder and Head Instructor of Roots Macedonia
  • Trained military special forces (Wolves division) and elite police forces (Alpha division) in Macedonia
  • Admitted to the 2016 Australian Martial Arts Hall Of Fame