Brazilian jiu-jitsu, as a martial art, was first introduced in Macedonia through “The Strongest&Roots BJJ” martial arts center. BJJ was being practiced here since 2009, but the official beginning was on 12.12.2010 with the arrival of Prof. Robert Naumoski who is the first Macedonian to hold a black belt in brazilian jiu-jitsu, who thought a bjj seminar with more than 150 participants. “The Strongest&Roots BJJ” martial arts center is located in Skopje, where the head instructor is Ivica Aleksovski, who holds a brown belt in brazilian jiu-jitsu under Prof. Robert Naumoski and a “Senior instructor” in Jeet Kune Do, certified by GM Ljubomir Jordanov. Aleksovski founded the Macedonian Federation for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in 2011 and currently is the president of this BJJ Federation.


After the official introduction of brazilian jiu-jitsu in Skopje, it started to spread to the other regions in Macedonia and new jiu-jitsu school began to emerge. At the moment, there are several BJJ schools that are in “The Strongest&Roots BJJ” family:


“The Strongest & Roots BJJ- Ohrid” with Dejan Coleski(blue belt) and Blagoja Trajceski (blue belt) as head instructors

“The Strongest & Roots BJJ – Kumanovo” with Martin Stefanovski ( blue belt) as head instructor


“The Strongest & Roots BJJ” – Prilep with Katerina Atanasoska(blue belt) as head instructor


“The Strongest&Roosts BJJ” team is one of the most accomplished BJJ competition teams in the region, with impressive results in majority of the competitions in the region. Some of the accomplishments of our competition team are being the Best Team on the Eastern European BJJ Open in Zagreb, Croatia in 2013, also taking team gold on the bjj competition in Belgrade,Sofia and many more.


In 2015, we founded our first bjj schools outside the macedonian borders. Currently, there are two “The Strongest&Roots BJJ” schools in Serbia, one located in Kraljevo with Strahinja Milovanovic(white belt) as a head instructor and the other is located in Vranje with Ivica Mircevski (white belt) as head instructor.


“The Strongest & Roots BJJ Macedonia “ team grows bigger and better with each passing day and we are proud to say that we were the beginning of brazilian jiu-jitsu here, in Macedonia and hoping to see grow and spread to every region in Macedonia.


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