Private Classes

As Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a unique martial art, private classes are the best way to develop your techniques. Private BJJ classes are designed to advance your techniques, confidence and progress. Private classes are suitable for all levels of experience from novice students to black belts.  These classes are open to current students, students getting ready for competitions, people that want individual training attention, and for people that require a flexible training schedule. In fact, anyone that is interested in training in BJJ will benefit from private classes.

Benefits of Private Classes

Roots Private BJJ Classes are conducted by our instructors at our gyms. You will have the opportunity to learn techniques at your own pace and get individualised feedback on your progress. The benefits include:

      • Flexible training schedule
      • One-to-one or small group training
      • Training program developed to suit your needs and goals
      • Fast and effective results
      • Improvements in your Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
      • Train with the best to be the best
      • Small group training (2 – 4 people) and off-site training can also be arranged

Contact Us

Contact Professor Paulo Guimaraes to get started now on 0420 989 937 or fill in the form below.

The Roots BJJ Instructors will help you achieve your goals.

Paulo is an outstanding instructor who brings no ego to his sessions, just a desire for the student to learn, progress and get the most out of BJJ. In private sessions, Paulo combines his deep knowledge of and extensive experience in BJJ with a sensitivity for the specific situation, needs and skill of the student. What’s more, he brings a sense of humour and respect for others to his lessons.

I work on a trading floor (where on some days it can feel like being a slave to meetings and machines), and only started BJJ a few years ago in my 40s with no prior experience in a grappling style. Learning BJJ has been a little like struggling with a strange new language: first learning the basic sounds, then words, then putting together some phrases and sentences, finally getting to the point where you can hold a dialogue with someone else – moving initially from just shouting matches to eventually more fluid meaningful exchanges (for me the shouting still sometimes

When I was younger I did some competitive fencing, which some have likened to a physical chess game. Through Paulo’s patient instruction I have come to see rolling like playing a fluid three dimensional chess game, requiring one to think ahead along multiple dimensions, and requiring a sense of balance, distance, timing and body awareness that seems specific to ground-based fighting. And unlike many martial arts the roll can be tempered down or played at a ‘no holds barred’ level, making the training method flexible, practical and authentic.

For me, some of the most important insights have come through the form of situational awareness Paulo encourages (your opponent and you), his emphasis on the importance of being both relaxed and focused (even when there appears to be no way out), and his demonstration on how to remain open to possibilities (not just in terms of what could happen now, but in the next few moves) while still being ready to commit to an all out attack.

Though I am still early in the journey, and may never become more than an engaged and admiring hobbyist, I very much value the opportunity to train and am looking forward to learning much more. Thanks Paulo!

Giulio Katis